Shiga-Lake Biwa BBQ & Marine Resort, Carmel Beach Club

Resort Information

A lakeside resort on the west side of Lake Biwa in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.
You can enjoy marine sports in the lake or barbecue at our BBQ space, which can accommodate up to 200 people.
We look forward to seeing you on your next trip to Lake Biwa.

If you come by car
After getting off the Kosei Road at the Shiga Exit, turn left at the traffic light and drive for about 2 km. Then, turn right at the gateway of the shrine and go under the JR Kosei Line. You will see our parking lot on the right front side of Hira Station.
If you come by train
It takes about 40 minutes on the Kosei Line from JR Kyoto Station to Hira Station. The resort is a 3-minute walk from Hira Station. The Kosei Road is very crowded during the peak season, so we recommend coming by train.
map of garage

Information Regarding Various Fees

Admission Fee (Facility Usage Fee)

Peak Season7/1-9/30
price per person
(500-yen recreation insurance premium included)
3,300 yen
Elementary School Students
2,200 yen
Shoulder Season4/1-6/30 10/1-10/31
price per person
(500-yen recreation insurance premium included)
1,650 yen
Elementary School Students
1,100 yen
Off Season11/1-3/31
price per person
(500-yen recreation insurance premium included)
550 yen
Elementary School Students
550 yen
Precautions when Using our Facilities
Admission Fee (Facility Usage Fee)(The admission fee shown above is required in order to use all services at this club. )
  • BBQ space (extra fee)
  • Marine sports (extra fee)
  • What is included in the admission fee
    • hot shower
    • changing room
    • locker
    • restroom
    • free drinks
    • various rental playground equipment [1]
  • Elementary-aged students and below, seniors over 65 and disabled persons will only be charged the insurance premium of 500 yen.
  • We do not accept visitors coming from Lake Biwa by boat or jet.
  • Those who have tattoos, etc. are kindly requested to refrain from exposure.
  • Please refrain from bringing in devices with loudspeakers as they may bother other customers.
  • The use of the BBQ space is not included in the limited-time offer.
  • We charge an extra 1,000 yen to park your car in the parking lot.
  • Please note that an admission fee is required when using marine sports equipment and the BBQ space.
  • Please refrain from letting your dog swim in the lake as it may disturb other customers or neighbors.
[1] swim rings, basketballs, baseballs, badminton rackets, skateboards, board games, etc.

BBQ Space Usage Fee

Admission fee per person
+2,200 yen
Elementary School Students
Admission fee per person
+1,100 yen

Precautions regarding the use of the BBQ space

  • BBQ equipment included in the usage fee
    • BBQ table with stove
    • charcoal
    • grill
    • paper plates
    • chopsticks
    • tongs
    • cutting board
    • kitchen knife
    • rice cooking pot[1]
  • Ingredients are not included in the BBQ usage fee. Please prepare them yourself.
  • We charge an extra fee for bringing your own alcohol. (number of adults in groups X 1,000 yen)
  • A cleaning fee of 10,000 yen will be charged for any damage caused by improper use, either intentional or through negligence, such as vomiting.
  • The BBQ space has a roof, but rain might blow in due to strong winds and gusts.
  • Our staff will help with making the fire and cleaning up only when asked.
  • Advanced reservations are highly recommended.
  • The BBQ space is available until 17:00.
[1] limited number available

Marine Sports Fee

Towing Services

One tow
per person
1,000 yen
We also sell a discount book of tickets.


Wakeboard Towing Course
1 tow (15 minutes)
3,850 yen
Chartered Boat Course
22,000 yen